You Won't Believe These Then-And-Now Photos Of Stars From Teen Mom

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Who sizzled and who fizzled?

What happened to these 27 teen mom stars will shock you. Getting pregnant when you're still a teenager can make it hard for people to succeed in life. With a baby to take care of, many young women end up having to drop out of school and find any job that they can in order to support their child. Additionally, the fathers of babies born to teen moms may also be young and reluctant to take on the responsibilities of fatherhood, even though they had just as much to do with the conception of the baby as the young mother did. MTV took advantage of these young couples when they started recording the reality docu-series Teen Mom, following up on the lives of some of the moms from the original docu-series 16 and Pregnant. Teen Mom premiered in 2009 and aired for four seasons. It was then revived several years later, airing a fifth, sixth and seventh season. As reality shows go, it has some built-in drama because of the fascination that many people have about women who choose to have children so early in life. Some moms went on to succeed, but some ended up behind bars or even in a rehabilitation facility. Which is which? Go through our slideshow to find out. Get Started