33 Celebrities With Crazy Backstories

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Their lives could almost be movies.

You won't believe these 33 stars' crazy backstories. Many stars come from backgrounds marred by tragedy, or have some hilariously weird story from their past we've all heard on late-night TV. It's fascinating to find out how the rich and famous got their start, so we can either try to follow in their footsteps -- or avoid what they did at all costs! Some stars took a roundabout road to success; others never intended to go into showbiz at all but happened to land their first gigs quite by chance.

A few examples of some of the stranger celebrity backstories you may have heard already, like Tom Cruise attended seminary school as a boy and Christian Bale grew up in the circus where his mother was a performer. You may remember the story of firefighter-turned-actor Steve Buscemi pitching in to help rescue efforts during 9/11. But did you know that Christopher Walken tamed circus lions, or that Liam Neeson was a teacher-in-training... until he punched a student in the face? What about Woody Harrelson's dad being a real-life hit man, or that Ryan Gosling was once Justin Timberlake's adopted brother?

Here we've rounded up 33 of the craziest celebrity backstories you've probably never heard before. Read on to see what happened to these famous folks before they were stars. You really can't make this stuff up! Get Started