You Won't Believe What These 33 American Idol Stars Look Like Now

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Some are stars, some perform in bars!

American Idol had some seriously intense moments that changed the lives of its contestants. It was the first show of its kind. Before The Voice and America's Got Talent and The X Factor, there was good ol' American Idol. So many stars came out of that show! The judges, the hosts, and the contestants all went down in infamy because of it.

Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, and Randy Jackson became staples of pop culture entertainment. Paula was the nice one, Simon was the mean one, and Randy was the balanced one. Over the show's 15 seasons, we've seen the worst candidates (remember "Pants on the Ground"?) and the best (Hey, Jennifer Hudson!) come up.

But of all the people who came out of that show, do you know where they all are now? Sure, maybe you know Kelly Clarkson's latest, greatest hit... but what is Justin Guarini up to these days? Well, we've dug up that info for you so that you can be completely informed about what American Idol stars are up to now. Do you remember these superstars that came out of American Idol? See what they're doing! Did they sizzle or fizzle? Get Started