Then And Now: 21 Rom-Com Sweethearts

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Whoa. She was America's sweetheart?

Then and now: how did your 21 favorite rom-com sweethearts age? All of the following actresses starred in at least one syrupy romantic comedy in which she falls in love with the perfect guy and lives happily ever after. In real life, however, rom-com sweethearts get older and are replaced on-screen by fresher faces. When you're a former rom-com star, you have two choices: age gracefully or cling desperately to the past and fight the future with a generous helping of questionable plastic surgery.

Remember when Meg Ryan was the rom-com queen? She was in everything, from When Harry Met Sally to You've Got Mail to French Kiss. Then she started visiting her plastic surgeon a little too often and acquired that plump-cheek, duck-lip look that too many actresses sign up for as they age (oh, hi, Melanie Griffith!). Julia Roberts was America's sweetheart in Pretty Woman, won an Oscar for Erin Brokovich, and then just coasted on fumes for the rest of her career. Reese Witherspoon still pops up in romantic comedies even though the public has been made aware of her not-so-sweet behavior offscreen. Yes, she pulled the "Do you know who I am" card on a police officer.

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