You're Fired: 21 Actors Who Got Booted From Their Hit TV Shows

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They all asked for it.

You won't believe which 21 actors got fired from their hit TV shows. Actors get fired from TV shows for many reasons, ranging from substance problems to bad behavior on set to physical altercations to questionable antics off set. Billy Bush lost his Today gig after a recording surfaced of him crudely joking around with Donald Trump. Then there is Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, who made some unapologetic antigay comments and got suspended. Charlie Sheen made anti-Semitic comments about his show's producer and was promptly fired from Two and a Half Men. Former Hollywood bad girl Shannen Doherty was shown the door for two shows as a result of her on-set conflicts with costars. Many other stars were fired because of -- what else?-- money. If you're already making thousands of dollars per episode, think twice about holding out for too much of a raise. Sometimes even the star of a show can be replaced -- just ask Suzanne Somers or Valerie Harper.

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