If These 33 Stars Are Ugly, Why Are They So Hot?

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They're ugly, but still dreamy.

33 ugly celebs who are... actually hot? You know what sucks? Beauty standards, fed to us by the media. Models and actors and singers are apparently gorgeous and perfect and cultivate their images accordingly in order to seem as conventionally attractive as possible. And Photoshop and camera tricks don't make the problem much better. However, it's important to remember that not every single celebrity out there is gorgeous. Some are actually ugly, at least according to the ridiculous and unattainable beauty standards set by conventional media types.

So, it's kind of refreshing to see these ugly-hot celebrities just show up and start being somehow hot and attractive. It goes to show that those of us who don't adhere to the perfect beauty ideal might still be attractive. We love these "ugly" celebrities no matter what... but you can't help but notice the fact that they don't look like the other more classic beauties or handsome men out there. And that's okay! What makes them different is what makes them beautiful.

We love them and we're attracted to them, but these 33 celebrities are ugly... in a really hot kind of way. I don't know, they're just attractive no matter what, I guess. Is that really so wrong? Is our culture evolving to accept a growing standard of what it means to be beautiful, or am I just weird? Whatever, it doesn't matter. Don't judge me. Get Started
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