27 Shady Stars Who Actually Thought They Were Incognito

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You're not fooling anyone, kids.

27 hilarious stars who left home thinking no one would recognize them. When they're not going to a fancy movie premiere or doing charity work in front of the paparazzi, stars sometimes try to blend in with common folks in public. The results, as you'll see, are often hilarious. It seems like some go-to accessories for stars attempting to slip by unnoticed include some combination of giant, face-obscuring sunglasses, broad-brimmed hats, baggy clothes, iffy wigs, hoodies and, in the case of Angelyne, a pink feathered fan. See Angelina Jolie's female Terminator look that isn't fooling anyone, Robert Pattinson's take-me-out-the-ballgame fail, overexposed Kim Kardashian's laughable attempt to blend in, Cher's do-you-believe-it's-really-me getup, Sia's face-obscuring disguise that only calls more attention to her at security checkpoints at the airport, and Lindsay Lohan's halfhearted attempt to look like she doesn't want to be chased by photographers.

We're not sure what you've done or why you would need to go incognito in public, but if you're able to easily recognize any of the following stars in disguise, don't do what they did. Get Started