31 Famous Songs You Never Knew Were Actually Covers

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Wait, who originally wrote Respect?

31 shocking hits that are actually remakes. We know you love classic music -- heck, we do too. Music is one of the most popular, purest, and enduring forms of human creative expression. But one thing that's been common to music history is artists borrowing from each other and covering each others' hits. With that in mind, there are a surprising number of hit songs that you probably never realized were cover versions. Covers are frequently looked down on, since the artists didn't write the songs themselves, but that's bunk -- a surprising number of the greatest songs ever recorded were covers (as you'll soon see). So how many of these covers are you familiar with? Do you know who originally wrote Jimi Hendrix's classic hit "All Along the Watchtower?" How about who was responsible for Whitney Houston's best-known song, "I Will Always Love You?" Or who originally recorded Sinead O'Connor's classic "Nothing Compares 2 U?" Or what other legendary musician originally wrote Manfred Mann's Earth Band's biggest hit ever, "Blinded By the Light?" Ready to read about a whole bunch of your favorite songs you never realized were covers? Here are 31 songs you never knew weren't written by the person who made them the most famous. Get Started