27 Incredible Makeunders That Make These Celebrities Almost Unrecognizable

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Do you prefer more makeup or less?

Celebrities have access to a world of fashion, beauty, and style that some of us only dream of. That's why they look so incredible when they go out. In fact, there are beauty treatments many of them get that we aren't even aware of! Eyelash extensions, microblading, eye whitening, tooth bleaching - these might be cosmetic procedures that are optional for us regular folk, but for celebrities, they're practically mandatory. Making so many public appearances means these stars are expected to look a certain way. It might be okay for you to show up at work without your eyebrows filled in, but stars often get bad press when they go out sans makeup. That attitude, fortunately, is changing, with many stars posting more candid photos of themselves on social media and showing how they look without their glam squad at hand. Some stars have even made a commitment NOT to wear makeup at all. (They might still use a little powder on their face, though, because TV cameras show everything.) We love when stars lift the curtain and show us what they "really" look like. It's kind of great to see a professionally beautiful person looking more like a normal (but still very beautiful person)... and they look good (or better) when they do it. Get Started