29 Celebrity Deadbeat Dads You'd Forgotten About

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C'mon guys. Really?

29 shocking celebrity deadbeat dads who gave up on their kids. Celebs are just like us; which means that just like regular, everyday people, plenty of them are absolutely terrible parents. There are many ways to be a deadbeat dad, and celebrities run the gamut amongst them. Some of these guys owed hundreds of thousands in child support. Some denied they were dads -- until the paternity test results proved they were liars. Some rejected their kids, or abused them, or lost custody because of their general bad behavior. Regardless of the specific circumstances, every single one of these celebrity deadbeat dads did a HORRIBLE job as a parent, failing spectacularly in one of the most important jobs you can have as a human being. I mean, how hard is it to just be there enough to take care of the human beings you spawned? Honestly, deadbeat dads deserve no sympathy whatsoever, even if they ARE famous entertainers like Eddie Murphy and Arnold Schwarzenegger and David Hasselhoff and Brad Pitt. Maybe not all of the dads here meant to screw up, but they managed it anyway! Now, their thorough, abject failure to be decent parental figures can be your entertainment gain. Here are 31 of the most egregious examples of celebrity deadbeat dads. Get Started