Look At Me! 19 Unforgettable Bachelor Contestants With No Off Button

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These ladies were WILD.

The 19 craziest bachelor contestants of all time. There's something about a person acting in a completely bizarre and reckless way that is inherently fascinating to most people. You've heard someone say "it's like a car wreck... I can't look away!" Well, sometimes that car wreck is a person acting like a fool. And there's nowhere on earth with more fools acting wild than on reality television. That personality type is essentially what reality TV is based on!

People SAY they tune in to The Bachelor because they believe in romance, but we all know that's not why millions of people tune in to see the antics of a bunch of pretty people. No, what most people want is SHENANIGANS. And both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have seen their fair share of big personalities. But some of those personalities were a little TOO big. Which contestant referred to her cat as the love of her life? Who showed up for their very first entrance on a hoverboard? And what was the best costume ever worn on a premiere? You can find the answers to those burning questions and more right here. Who were the weirdest, wildest, and most bananas folks to ever appear on The Bachelor? Journey on to find out! Get Started