29 Allegedly Cool Music Artists Who Don't Even Come Close

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29 god-awful music artists you were told were the coolest, but aren't. You were told the following bands and music artists were so cool, but none of them would know cool if they were naked at the North Pole. We all have friends who think they've got their finger on the pulse of what's hip. Everyone thinks they have good taste, but the odds are stacked against that actually being true.

Let's examine the damning evidence. Do you remember when everyone thought rap-metal fusion was going to be the final word in edgy music? Let us know the last time you bought a Limp Bizkit album. Then there is Lana Del Rey, a listless, walking Ambien pill whose name and persona is as phony as a Chinatown DVD of Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Then there is insufferable electronic music like Skrillex, who should be called Shrillex. And what is up with Twenty One Pilots and that makeup they smear down their faces and necks? Guys... get help. And, Lord, don't get us started about the lameness of Lorde. You've probably also heard people gush about Adele's voice. Yes, she has some pipes, but have you bothered to listen to how trite her lyrics are? Sure, she's not afraid to tackle really serious subjects such as the dark side of dating, but there is more going on in the world. Do you really need more saccharine in that tea you're drinking?

Read on to have a laugh about other artists you were told were just too cool. Don't worry, your favorite band isn't on here. You know better. Get Started