How Did These 1970s Stars Look In Their Prime Vs. Decades Later?

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That can't be her!

What happened to these '70s stars? these photos are shocking. The stars in this quiz were popular during the decade of disco, punk, Watergate, Vietnam, Star Wars and All in the Family. Carrie Fisher became an international star after she played Princess Leia in Star Wars. After she left the Supremes, Diana Ross launched a successful solo career and appeared in 1970s movies like Mahogany and The Wiz. John Travolta was everywhere in the 1970s, from movies like Carrie and Saturday Night Fever to the TV show Welcome Back, Kotter. Jamie Lee Curtis had her breakout film role in the 1978 horror classic Halloween, which led to her becoming a "scream queen." Olivia Newton-John was already a popular singer by the time she starred in 1978's Grease, which produced one of the most successful soundtracks in movie history. Blondie, led by singer Deborah Harry, ruled the airwaves in the late 1970s with songs like "One Way or Another," "Heart of Glass" and "Dreaming." Other 1970s stars you'll come across in this quiz include Burt Reynolds, Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Linda Blair, Pam Grier, Mark Harmon, Erik Estrada, Donny Osmond, Charo, Mary Tyler Moore and many more.

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