Shame! 35 Shocking Stars Who Treat Their Staff Like Trash

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These stars REALLY don't want you knowing this stuff.

You won't believe how nasty these 25 stars are to their staff. Sometimes it seems like it's really hard to be a celebrity. Maybe you just want to go to the grocery store, but you know there's paparazzi waiting there to bust you when you buy 17 boxes of Hot Pockets because you just kind of like them and they're what you like to eat when you're sad. So you have to put on your incognito baseball cap, and your disguise sunglasses, and attempt to buy your Hot Pockets in peace. But you never can. Celebrities live their lives in the public eye, so there's not a whole lot they can keep secret. At least, that's what it seems like. These stars had something they wanted to hide, but it got out anyway. These stars have staff - which makes sense, since when you're a celebrity, your business is yourself - but they didn't treat that staff very nicely...and the secret got out. Which celebrity makes her staff carry her around like a baby? And what singer has dogs that just poo and pee all over the house? Can you guess what star couple makes all their nannies go by the same name? (What??) If you want to find out, read on... Get Started