You Won't Believe Which 29 Stars Got Fired For Being Offensive

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You may think that celebrities can get away with anything, but you're wrong. All of the people on the following pages were fired by an employer or dropped by a sponsor because they said or did something offensive. Billy Bush was suspended and then fired from the Today show in 2016 after a 2005 recording surfaced of Bush having a lewd conversation with Donald Trump. TV chef and butter enthusiast Paula Deen had her Food Network show cancelled in 2013 after she admitted to using racial slurs in the past. Roseanne Barr had successfully rebooted her hit sitcom until she decided to make a late-night racist tweet and was immediately canned by ABC. Madonna had a lucrative deal with Pepsi until she released her "Like a Prayer" video with burning crosses and angered even the pope. Whoopi Goldberg was dropped as a SlimFast spokesperson after she had too much fun making jokes about President Bush's last name. Other stars who were fired for being offensive include Megan Fox, Bill Maher, Ann Coulter, Lance Armstrong, Alec Baldwin, O.J. Simpson, Kate Moss, Tiger Woods, Rush Limbaugh and many more.

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