You Won't Believe What These Stars From 'The Walking Dead' Used To Look Like

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They looked different before zombies.

Revealed: 25 shocking photos of 'walking dead' actors in early roles. The Walking Dead is still one of the most popular shows on TV. Before the cast was busy battling and evading "walkers," many of them were already established actors. English actor Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick, looked very different in the 1995 film Boston Kickout. Melissa McBride kicks zombie butt as Carol, but she looked much softer on TV's The Profiler. Norman Reedus, who plays expert archer Daryl, has always been a badass -- just check him out from the horror movie Mimic. Other Walking Dead actors of whom we dug up old pictures include Jeffrey Dean Morgan in 1991's Uncaged, Danai Gurira in The Visitor, John Bernthal in Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding, Chad L. Coleman on The Wire, David Morrissey in Wonderland, Steven Yeun in My Name Is Jerry, and many more.

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