29 Hilarious Fashion Fails From The Most 1980s Movies

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Girl. That's too much.

29 horrific 1980s movie outfits someone probably wore in real life. The 1980s were a crazy time of excess in all things - especially clothes and makeup. Whether it was big hair, big sleeves, or just really, really bright eyeshadow, the 80s had some of the most outlandish looks you can imagine. One amazing trend we love (and love to laugh at) is neon colors. Not content to just wear neon clothing, the people of the 1980s also slathered neon colors on their faces in the form of coral blush, electric blue eyeshadow, and Pepto-Bismol pink lipstick. All at the same time! (Not that we're saying today's makeup trends are perfect, but at least the goal of contouring is a relatively natural look.)

The 1980s were a time of acid-washed jeans, Members Only jackets, parachute pants, boldly colored blazers, PLAID things, high-waisted pants, and more. Some of this stuff has come back into style, but some of it has been lost to the winds of the 1980s. Fortunately, movies were around then, so you don't have to imagine what these crazy styles looked like - you can relive them through the magic of cinema! Please enjoy these 80s looks and be inspired - or maybe just be glad you're not living back then. Get Started