27 Stars Who Definitely Traded UP On Their Spouse

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These stars made a good choice with their new loves.

27 celebrity relationships that were a step up. We've all probably known a couple where we just don't really understand why they're together. Maybe one half of the couple is a fun-time party person who's always at every event they're invited to, while the other prefers to spend time alone, working on projects or reading a book. Or maybe one person is a world traveler who takes every opportunity to jet off to an exotic location, while their other half is a homebody who'd rather sleep in their own bed every night. Or, you know, maybe one of them is just way hotter than the other.

Well, those pairings don't just happen for us regular folks - it can happen to celebrities, too! Hollywood is known for being a town where people get married again and again (and again). These stars were with someone that didn't quite make sense, whether it was a personality clash or they simply weren't in their league looks-wise. So they ended up leaving that person and moving on to someone better - maybe it was someone that made more sense in terms of how they lived, or maybe it was just someone as hot as they were. Either way, these celebrities all made a great choice when they moved on to the next one! Get Started