27 Wild Costume Blunders In Movies That Should Have Never Happened

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Oops! I don't think they meant that.

27 mind-blowing movie costume mistakes you won't believe. Making a movie takes hundreds of people over thousands of hours, meaning that usually mistakes are caught by SOMEONE at some point in the process. However, sometimes those mistakes aren't caught and stay in the finished product! And one of the most interesting types of mistakes is when a costume is just a little bit...off. Some of these wouldn't be obvious to most viewers of a movie, since a lot of them are anachronisms. An anachronism is when a person in a historical film is wearing an item that didn't exist at the time the film was set. Most of the time, period films take care to ensure that everything on set is period-appropriate, but it's hard to catch every tiny detail, especially when most viewers won't even catch it.

Do you know which star of American Hustle was wearing a watch that wasn't designed until 40 years after the movie was set? Or why the paratroopers' boots in Saving Private Ryan aren't quite right? What about the glimpse of a garment that wouldn't be possible for thousands of years after the movie Gladiator was set? Read on to find out which movies made costume mistakes that no one saw - until now! Get Started