33 Hilarious Photos Of Stars Afflicted With Resting B Face

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This is their default expression.

"Resting bitch face," or RBF, is a condition best described as an unintentional expression that looks vaguely annoyed, irritated or bored when one's face is not in motion. Most of the stars on the following pages know how to turn up the charm and toothy grins when required, but their normal resting face gives off another vibe entirely. Kristen Stewart, for example, looks the same no matter if she is happy, sad, angry or ecstatic. Nicole Kidman's face is a featureless canvas, but is it because of RBF or Botox? You'd think after winning an Oscar and other accolades that Natalie Portman might look, uh, happy.

Women don't have a corner on the market with regard to RBF, either. Kanye West, Tommy Lee Jones, Eminem and Jeremy Renner all have a resting face that is seriously shady. Other stars with RBF that you'll come across in this slideshow include Rihanna, Demi Moore, Courtney Love, Avril Lavigne, the Kardashians, Gillian Anderson, Megan Fox and many more. Get Started