33 Inspirational Transgender Celebrities Who Are Changing The World

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They're changing the game.

Transgender people have existed for all of human history - they're not just some new-fangled idea! But in many societies, the idea of someone's gender being different than their biological sex is not only transgressive, it can be considered dangerous. Even in the United States today, transgender people face discrimination every single day, whether it's being banned from using the restroom where they feel most safe or getting fired simply for living in the way that feels most comfortable to them. So when a transgender person decides to live life openly and freely, it's a brave and revolutionary act.

Some of these transgender celebrities are living today, while others are people who made history by being the first person to undergo different procedures to help people feel more at home in their bodies. While many of these people are just living their lives the best way they know how, it's still inspiring to see them being open about something that is still misunderstood and rejected by bigots. Take a look through this list of transgender folks who have cut through society's expectations about gender. Even if you've never considered what it's like to be transgender, maybe learning more about these people will help you understand. Get Started