Botched To Better: 25 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Odysseys

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Sometimes things settle nicely.

25 celeb plastic surgery addicts who look like humans again. The pressure to have a little nip-tuck in Hollywood is overwhelming, especially in an era of high-definition everything. We've all cringed at the bad plastic surgery some stars have had, and been amazed at how well some stars have held up after a long, "refreshing" time away from cameras. There are also stars that have had botched plastic surgery or cosmetic procedures and then look OK again after a little time allows everything to settle in. Meg Ryan overdid it with lip plumping and cheek implants several years back, and the results turned America's sweetheart into a swollen mess. Today, she has calmed down with the fillers and is starting to resemble her former self, albeit older. Cher's looks have changed radically over the years, but she too has eased up on the fillers and her face is looking more, well, Cher-like. Melanie Griffith was a textbook plastic surgery "don't," but even her extensive work looks less harsh when she resists a visit to the surgeon for a few years. Nicole Kidman went crazy with Botox injections and ended up with a face that seemed frozen in wax -- not a good look for an actress who has to emote on-screen. She reduced the Botox treatments and has a face that moves and conveys emotion again. Progress!

Other celebrities who have had work done and look better years later include Sylvester Stallone, Zac Efron, Courtney Love, Renee Zellweger, Ashlee Simpson, Deborah Harry and many more. Find out if your favorite star has settled into their new face. Get Started
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