27 Celebrity LIARS Who Got FOUND OUT

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These guys didn't think anyone would notice...

Nobody likes a liar. Liars cause drama and drama is stupid. And stressful. BUT... When it's not necessarily OUR drama, then we're all about it We can't get enough. We love to watch other people's lives implode from a safe distance. That's because human beings are 50% awesome and 50% hot garbage.

The celebs in this slide show take a walk on their ht garbage sides and spew some drama that only lying liars can spew. And they all got caught! So juicy, right? Get me some popcorn! It reminds me of this little gem from Spongebob Squarepants:

Patrick: Liar liar, plants for hire!
SpongeBob: It's "pants on fire," Patrick.
Patrick: Well, you would know...liar!

Oooooh! Harsh, Patrick! Harsh! So what did these celebs lie about? What DIDN'T they lie about? These entitled brats lied about everything from their names, to their ages, to their children, to who wrote their songs. If they were Pinocchio, they'd have 40 foot noses to go with their 40 foot yachts. (Rick people, amirite?) So let's do this thing. Let's delve deeply into the world of celebrities and the tangled webs they wove. And let's hope that they all learned their lesson -- or at least learned to try harder not to get caught. Hey, it's hard out there. We get it. But that doesn't mean we aren't going to bask in the glory of your misfortune. It's our favorite American past time. Like I said, humans are 50% awesome and 50% total hot garbage. Enjoy! Get Started