25 Famous Men Who Married Women - But Were Actually Gay

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In many cases, this shows how times have changed.

For much of (Western) human history, being a man attracted to other men or a woman attracted to other women was considered sinful and wrong. Today, it's somewhat better in the United States and other countries for gay people...but it's still not great. You can still be fired in some states for being gay. Gay people still face discrimination and social stigma in many places. And in some other countries, it's actually illegal or dangerous to be gay. So it makes sense that gay people had to hide their identity for much of history.

The result of stigma against gay people is that it was much more common in the past for gay men to end up married to women to protect themselves with a cover of "normalcy." (Being gay is totally normal, by the way.) While closeted gay people definitely still end up in different-gender marriages, it's a bit less common now than it was. But back in the day, even gay stars married women to hide their true feelings. In some cases, the gay person eventually came out. In other cases, they remained in the closet until their deaths and were only revealed afterwards. In still others, the person was actually bisexual, not gay. Take a trip through gay history with these stories. Get Started