21 Famous Women Who Married Gay Men Without Realizing

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This used to happen more often.

Whoops! 21 famous women who married gay men. Being gay has never been an easy life. Even today, LGBT people face discrimination and even danger all over the world, unable to live their lives freely because of other people's feelings about their lives. And being gay in Hollywood was - and is - an especially tough path to follow. Imagine living under a microscope, but still trying to keep a major part of your life a secret. That's what people who wanted to hide the fact that they were gay were dealing with.

To try to alleviate rumors and speculation, many gay man marry women to keep up appearances. Many of these relationships are based in love - these men really do love their wives, just not in the way that most men do. But ultimately, a marriage where one party is gay and the other one isn't aware of that fact is based on a lie, and they often end - which is a good thing, since it allows both people to pursue partners that they can form a romantic bond with. These twenty-one famous ladies missed all the signs when they got together with these men. Maybe something felt wrong, but they tied the knot anyway. Some of these marriages ended, but other couples managed to break up amicably - and some even stayed close friends. Get Started
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