Revealed: What Happened To The Stars Of The Real World?

What happened to your faves?

The first real world stars made tv history. where are they now? The Real World premiered on MTV in 1992, making it one of the first reality shows of its type (strangers living in a house together). As one of the earliest reality shows, it started with something very different than what we normally see today. Many shows today like Big Brother thrive on manufactured drama or weird competitions to create good television. But The Real World's first few seasons literally just relied on the strong personalities of the people in the house to create good TV. In later seasons, the cast would run a business together, or work somewhere all together, but these early seasons just saw them living their regular lives, together, in a house with strangers. It was a novel concept, reality TV, and because it proved to be cheap and popular, many TV networks have actually built their entire business model around just filming people and "seeing what happens." We all know there's more to these shows than that behind the scenes, but we want to believe that this is REAL and what we are seeing is REAL LIFE. These first few seasons actually kind of showed that. But what has happened to the cast in the 25 years since they made history? Find out what they're doing now!

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