17 Stars Who Chose Adoption For Their Children

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I had no idea about some of these.

17 stars who gave away their kids. The majority of people on earth want to have children in their life at some point. It's not for everyone, and deciding not to have kids is a valid choice! But the fact remains that lots and lots of people experience that parental drive. Sadly, not everyone is able to have children the "old-fashioned" way, for whatever reason. Some folks choose to get medical help to have them have kids, but others choose to adopt. Both paths are hard and expensive - you know that an adopted child was wanted VERY badly by their parents, since the process is so difficult.

Giving up a child for adoption can be a hard process as well. Imagine how difficult a decision that must be - but knowing that it's ultimately better for your child. Did you know some of Hollywood's biggest stars once had children they gave up for adoption? They gave up their kids for all sorts of reasons: They were too broke to support a child, or they got pregnant as teens, or they were unmarried and it was the 1970s or earlier. A handful of male celebrities didn't even know they had a child until much later, because the mom concealed the pregnancy. Most of these stories are terribly sad, but some have a happy ending. Get Started