29 Revealing Photos That Show What Celebs Were Like Before Fame

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Can you recognize these stars as their younger selves??

When you become a celebrity, a lot of the parts of your life you thought would be private forever become public. Things like old school photos, pictures of you in your high school yearbook, and other stuff from the life you led before you became famous is now all up for grabs. Many celebrities nowadays don't mind sharing their old photos - after all, don't we all put up some of our cutest baby pictures on Facebook for our friends to see? (And some of us also like to include our most embarrassing childhood photos to laugh at ourselves from 20 years ago.)

These photos show some of our favorite A-list celebrities way, WAY before they were famous - when they were just a regular kid in school, or a brand-new comedian just starting out, or even when they were an actor...in the school play, that is! It's weird to think about these stars being normal people like you and me, but it's true - everyone came from somewhere. Do you recognize these stars in their old photos? See how many of your favorites you can find in this tour down Hollywood's memory lane...then go look at your old photos to see if you're as cute as they were! Get Started