Whoa: Those 21 Actresses Were Pregnant While Filming That?

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They're acting for two!

21 actors who hid their pregnancy for their movie roles. Pregnancy is simultaneously one of the most amazing miracles on the planet, and one of the most ordinary things a person can do. Billions of people all over the planet have been pregnant over the course of human history! It's the most normal thing in the world! Literally, right now, somewhere, a baby is being born. Every day, approximately 360,000 babies are born all around the planet. That's about 250 babies PER MINUTE. Something THAT common couldn't be miraculous too, could it?

And yet...it is. One minute, there's not a person there, and then...there's a new person. That someone MADE. With their BODY. It's wild to think that for many thousands of years, humans weren't even sure exactly how babies were made. But now, we not only know how they're made, but we can actually make them ourselves in a lab. Truly amazing, isn't it?

Nowadays, however, more pregnant people are working during their pregnancies, whether that means they go to an office every day or star in movies. These actors made the choice to continue their (very visible) jobs while growing a new human - which is a feat in itself! Did you know there was a baby on board while watching these shows and movies? We sure didn't! Get Started
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