27 Celebrities Who Became Real-Life Heroes

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These stars did something brave.

We all have daydreams about what we would do if we were faced with a situation where we could be a hero. (Or is that just me?) We imagine ourselves being skilled in ways we're really not - maybe we save a bunch of puppies from drowning, or leap to the aid of a child who's in danger of being struck by a car. And sure, there are plenty of stories about regular people who've done those kinds of things. And we love reading about them, because they're heartwarming.

But the people in these heroic tales aren't just ordinary folks - they're celebrities! You might think of stars as the kind of people who don't really want to associate with us normies, but these stars proved they have their hearts in the right place by helping out total strangers who were in distress. Which star saved two women from drowning in Boston Harbor? And what actor has saved random people multiple times in his personal helicopter? Check out these stars' heroic acts and ask yourself: could I do that? Maybe you can...you never know until you have to. Get Started