25 Celebrities Who've Had The Most Plastic Surgery

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These stars are unrecognizable.

In Hollywood, there is always someone younger and hungrier coming up behind you, which is why so many celebrities have a plastic surgeon on speed dial. A little nip and tuck can take years off your face, but too much surgery can made you look, well, plastic. Botox is a neurotoxin that smooths away wrinkles (hi, Nicole Kidman!), but also impairs one's ability to express facial emotion, which you think would be an important concern for an actor. Other actresses such as Melanie Griffith and Meg Ryan opt for the one-two punch of cheek and lip fillers, which makes them look like they are smuggling nuts in their mouth before they hibernate for the winter.

Female stars aren't the only ones who can't resist a little nip and tuck. Michael Jackson had so much plastic surgery that the tissue on the tip of his nose died. Mickey Rourke had one of the most handsome mugs in Hollywood, but moonlighting as a boxer and subsequent surgical procedures to repair the damage have left him looking like a half-melted candle.

So which stars have gone overboard from plastic surgery? From Demi Moore to Madonna to Courtney Love to Cher to Faye Dunaway and more, check out before and after shots and examine the proof yourself! Get Started