Meet The Editorial team

Topix Editorial Team

Anna Marquardt, Managing Editor

Anna is a Boston-based writer and performer. Her work has been featured in McSweeney's and Buzzfeed, as well as the New York International Fringe Festival. She helped to launch Offbeat and Stars, and played a major role in shaping them into the popular sites they are today.

She is best-known online as the co-creator of Fashion It So, the internet's preeminent Star Trek: The Next Generation fashion blog. She was a featured speaker at Star Trek Mission New York in 2016, giving a presentation about (obviously) Star Trek fashion. Anna loves writing about fashion, animals, stupid and/or fun trends, and obscure historical trivia. In addition to her online writing, she is also a songwriter who has performed at Joe's Pub, Rockwood Music Hall, and other spaces in New York City and Boston.

Robert DeSalvo, Senior Writer

Before joining Topix, Robert was senior editor at Playboy, where he oversaw the magazine's movie coverage. He has interviewed dozens of actors, directors, authors, musicians and other celebrities during his journalism career, including Brian De Palma, Nicolas Cage, Dustin Hoffman, Sigourney Weaver, Julianne Moore, Bryan Cranston, Anne Rice and many more. In addition to Playboy, Robert's writing has been featured in Movieline and on, and Fandango.

Robert is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He currently lives in West Hollywood, California, where he is close to the entertainment industry he has written about for years. His most-viewed article on Topix to date has been a quiz on the world's most iconic women.

Robert's favorite movie--and religion--is Blade Runner. He is eagerly waiting to see if Los Angeles will look Blade Runner-esque in 2019.

Jennifer C. Martin, Senior Editor

Jennifer has been published in Gawker, Jezebel, UPROXX, Fusion, xoJane, and TIME. She began her writing career at an unusually young age. At age 8, she was published in the American Girl Doll newsletter. At 11, she had her own monthly column in a newspaper in her hometown of Cleveland, Tennessee. As a teenager, her emo blog posts drew a huge following on LiveJournal.

She now lives in Richmond, Virginia, with her husband and two wild young boys, and enjoys baking, yoga, Netflix, and reading in her nonexistent spare time. She's been writing for Topix for a year and a half, and enjoys the versatility of writing about almost any topic that she finds interesting. Jennifer sees writing as an outlet to connect to other people through education, humor, and passion. Her favorite topics are religion, politics, food, and parenting, which make her super fun at parties.

Colin Pinkham, Staff Writer

Colin has been making hilarious jokes about bad sandwiches pretty much since he could use a keyboard. He's been writing professionally since 2014, when he fell headlong into a job at Jezebel. He's since written for Fusion, Wonkette, Uproxx, and Bitter Empire. He has a regular weekly column of restaurant stories at Thrillist called Off The Menu.

For Topix, Colin writes mostly about sports, history, and funny stuff on the internet. He has a BA in History, which he primarily uses to discern which picture of Hitler will make readers click on his WWII quizzes. He does not enjoy long walks on the beach, because sand is horrible and evil and why would anyone ever enjoy long walks on the beach.

Teresa Newsome, Staff Writer

Teresa Newsome writes because she can't be a unicorn. She's been seen in Bustle, The Bolde, Buzzfeed, Taste Talks, Brooklyn Mag, and ViralNova, to name a few. She's also done copy work for companies like and Hidden Valley (mmm ranch dressing...). Aside from writing, she's worked in areas of social justice, comprehensive sexuality education, and women's health at places like Planned Parenthood and her local domestic violence shelter.

She blogs irregularly about her misadventures as a thriving person with mental illness at Lessons From Emotional Kindergarten. She's obsessed with glitter, self-esteem, sassy feminists, lesbians, nail art, sweet dance moves, snacks, fanny packs, long lists, and Amy Poehler. Most of her best friends are actual dogs. She lives with her photographer wife in Northeast Ohio.

Stacie Hougland, Staff Writer

Prior to joining Topix, Stacie was Senior Editorial Manager at the movie ticketing site Fandango, where for 10 years she covered all things movies and entertainment. Some of her favorite assignments involved visiting movie sets in places like Verona, Italy; climbing glaciers in Iceland; and covering the Cannes Film Festival in France. Among her favorite movies are Goodfellas, Heathers, Mad Max: Fury Road and Happiness.

Stacie's work has appeared in Playboy, People, Movieline, Hollywood Life, and other media outlets. A Los Angeles-area native and current resident, Stacie enjoys spending time with her husband, young daughter and dog. She likes discovering weird Netflix shows, hiking, good wine, edgy humor and '80s hair metal. Don't judge.