Newsrank® powers the the relevance, accuracy and magnitude of the stories categorized on

Topix news pages use a complex set of semantic story filters to govern news selection. The fully algorithmic editing process takes into account the magnitude of the story, as well as what the story is about, as determined by our AI categorizer from a Knowledge Base of 150,000 topics.

With our goal to create a more compelling news experience than the other aggregators and online news sites, our Newsrank® engine is applying a set of editorial rules to guide the story selection process.

We want to de-homogenize the news selection; instead of averaging down, we want to find and bring back the most interesting, compelling (and sometimes the oddest) stories from the deep corners of the web. Stories that won't show up on other sites. has an aggregated feed for every ZIP code in the US (and every country in the world), as well as hundreds of thousands of other subjects -- health conditions, sports teams, industries, and so on. How do we do it?

Not with human editing, source tagging, or keyword scanning. The Newsrank® engine is reading each story individually, determining locality and subject information based on the content of the article.Newsrank™ also condenses 17 dimensions of importance from every story into a single value.

Our solution is to disambiguate references to people, places and subjects, and match them against our Knowledge Base of 150,000 topics. The result lets our algorithmic story editing technology leverage a much finer-grained idea of what a story is about than simply using the big 7 news categories (US, World, Business, Sci/Tech, Sports, Entertainment, Health.) We can bias up Olympics coverage while slighting movie reviews. Some pages on are programmed to slightly favor sensational stories, others to de-emphasize the lurid.

Our complete news system -- article crawler and extractor, story clustering engine,Newsrank® determination, topic and locality categorizer, the Knowledge Base, and the algorithmic editing system (the "Robo-Editor") comprise the most sophisticated algorithmic news editing system on the net.